10 Best Chrome Extensions For Designers

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Designers

Nowadays Google Chrome is the most used web browser. The designers also like it as it is fast and has a huge amount of free extensions. Below is a list with the Best Chrome Extensions for designers that could save your time and let you focus on creating beautiful designs.

UX CheckTa tool that helps you find UX issues through a heuristic evaluation.

WhatFont  –  With WhatFont you can easily inspect the fonts on websites

Grammarly – Use Grammarly to identify context, grammar and punctuation issues.

OneTab –  Many people suffer from  “multi-tabbing syndrome” . This extension might save memory and reduce tab clutter in Google Chrome.

Muzli get inspired by freshest design, UI, UX and interactive news and shots from around the web

TrackDuck – With TrackDuck, you can capture and comment any part of a website or design file, easily track and manage feedback, bug reports, design issues. You can integrate it with your PM tool as weel.

Momentum Replaces the new tab page with a personal dashboard

Typosaurus – A website spell checker

Panda – A great newsfeed dashboard for your daily news and inspiration

Responsive Web Design Tester – allows you to test the responsiveness of your website very quickly

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