10 Laws of Productivity

10 Laws of Productivity

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The article sets ten easy to follow rules in order to avoid the so called “Blue Sky Paralysis” which can impair a creative (and not only) work. Step by step listed:

  1. Law 1 Break hesitation – Stop dreaming and planning and make the first step towards acting, building, implementing
  2. Law 2 Start small – Thinking big cannot bring executable results in the beginning. Break the idea down to steps you can feasibly accomplish.
  3. Law 3 Prototyping – Trial and error, getting feedback about what you working on, develop your idea in iterations to refine it.
  4. Law 4 Set simple objectives for the projects and revisit them. When starting on a new project, a flow of ideas and options may clutter your actual work. This is the so called “Scope Creep”. Go back to your initial objective and make sure you follow it.
  5. Law 5 Work a bit every day. Your brain will get better and better,adding little by little and gaining momentum. Don’t leave the job for some eventual moments of productivity burst.
  6. Law 6 Develop a routine – may seem not exciting, but following a routine creates a strong foundation for the productivity spark to come into your way.
  7. Law 7 Break long term projects into phases – This will make the project look manageable and not overwhelm you with impossible huge task. On the other side, each phase or task accomplished can bring rewards and satisfaction to keep you going.
  8. Law 8 Prune superfluous meetings. Meetings are good to keep contact with your colleagues, but keep them to minimum – only if it is clear what is to be accomplished.
  9. Law 9 Practice saying no. The creativity is not an infinite pool of resources. Be careful and reject unexpected opportunities or idea whims in order to focus on your current projects.
  10. Law 10 Remember that even the productivity rules are made to be broken.

So, now you have 10 generic and steady on the ground rules. Artists and creative type of persons also need to follow sane and down to the ground rules in order to accomplish their goals. Set in order, from project inception through carrying out the workload, interacting with colleagues and the outside world, the rules are intended to keep you on the right track.

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