How to Have a Productive Friday

How to Have a Productive Friday

Friday has two faces. One is smiley and positive, when employees are motivated to get more done, as the beloved weekend is approaching. The other is tired, wrinkled and employees cannot possibly squeeze any drop of productivity, as the week has been hectic, once again. We all know these two faces. But to be fair, if Monday is all about easing into work, Friday is all about recap and finishing the most important tasks. Hence Friday is quite important to our weekly productivity. However, with so much going on through the week, Friday has this reputation of the day for mental check out. How to transform Friday into a super resourceful day?

  1. Get up early and do some sports. It is a public secret that to up your concentration levels, you must do some sweating. Starting your day with physical exercise and overcome laziness is the best you can do on Friday morning. This will prepare you for the rest of the day, no matter how exhausted you might be feeling.
  2. Start work earlier. After you have gotten up earlier anyway, use the energy you gained through sports and breakfast to tackle the pending tasks. Some of them, you have probably been postponing for weeks – well, procrastination never helped anybody! Block the first couple of hours to “eat the frog” and then you will most surely feel relieved. Go to bed as early as possible on Thursday evening.

  3. Invest time in Friday planning. While traditionally Monday is the day for planning the week ahead, we suggest to make this a Friday activity. Why? Well, first of all, Friday in which dedicating some time to actual thoughtful planning is possible. If done rightly, it will pay dividends the following week. Going through what has been achieved throughout the past week will surely lead to talks about the coming week. This transition provides the big picture – the best moment for strategic planning. Another reason to choose Friday for team meetings is that it gives you the opportunity to reflect up until Monday. Planning on Monday, on the other hand, doesn’t let you sleep on your decisions, some of which may be quite rushed.
  4. Rethink your email policy. It is well-known that Friday is most email-unfriendly day of the week. Instead of sending frenetically emails on Friday afternoon in despair, just to get an out of office reply, schedule them. If it is urgent, just call. If it can wait, schedule your emails for Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Reconsider this and use the email time for some research or other a bit more “laidback” task.
  5. Don’t save the world. To be productive does not mean to be 100% productive, all day, every day. It means to at least carry out a couple of important tasks. Surely, if you plan to start a big project, Friday is just not the right day to do it. Yes, you have been drained out of energy, lacking your creative powers and all a project start can do to you on Friday afternoon is to demotivate you. Lighten your mental load with good music and after you have completed the weekly tasks, spend the remainder of the day to sort out small things that you never really get down to.

Hopefully these tips will help you look from another perspective and re-evaluate your Fridays. Sign up for our newsletter to get our bi-weekly productivity tips!

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