A 2-Step Approach to Self-Motivation: Track Small Wins and Reward Yourself

A 2-Step Approach to Self-Motivation: Track Small Wins and Reward Yourself

Each person should have goals and aspirations. It is what provides a vision and direction in life. Equally important is to monitor your progress and celebrate small victories. This would prove you are getting towards the bigger goals and materializing your vision for the future. The emotional satisfaction is not to be neglected. It can deeply impact our motivation and productivity. There is a small but extremely useful 2-step system presented here. Please, read on.

  1. Create a Task List and Write in Your Diary Daily.

First, you need to have a task list template. Use it to list all work-related task. Such a task list must be well-specified and should not exceed five task. Most of the people won’t be able to manage efficiently more than five tasks unless it is really urgent. You cannot rely that you will be fit to work in urgency every day. Also, being able to finish your tasks on a regular basis would build up satisfaction and fulfillment.

Second, keep a journal of what you do every day. This is a great way to express your individuality. The words in the journal reflect your emotional state and help release anger or share your happiness and excitement. Logging down what you do, you create a sense of purpose. Don’t ever think your life is boring or worthless. Everything you do, being simple or mundane has a purpose and a unique place in your life. This is a powerful attitude and it is true – this is your life and what you do. The journal helps to reflect upon it.

  1.  Reward Yourself on a Monthly Basis.

The task list and the journal helps to document and be aware of your progress. This is not enough. A very important part is to keep your motivation at an appropriate level. Here comes the power of rewards. Forming habits and applying constant effort depletes willpower. On a lower level, a person needs something to feel energized and satisfied about. Doing so boosts self-esteem and the latter helps maintain good habits. Giving more to yourself allows you to ask more from yourself. All for the purpose to avoid burnouts. Reaching the point of a burnout is really counterproductive, so, rewarding yourself is very good in the long run. The best time to reward yourself is on a monthly basis. Don’t do it more often, because it might become addictive and not reflecting what you are consistently doing for a longer period. How do you reward yourself is up to you. It should be something you truly enjoy, still, it should not be something destructive.

Summing it Up. Your life is a constant balance between your adult-self and your subconscious inner-self. Neglecting one of your ‘selves’ would sooner or later lead to a conflict and problems. Understanding your character is the key to a balance and success in whatever you do.

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