7 Tips for Morning Alertness Without Caffeine

7 Tips for Morning Alertness Without Caffeine

A quickstart in the morning is very important for a productive day. Thirty minutes struggling with the snooze button is not a good option. How do you get up and quickly ramp up to a normal mental state. Here are some tips on how to do that without injecting yourself with quantities of caffeine.

Why Without Caffeine? Caffeine is a common solution for drowsiness. In general it is not the best strategy to rely on, because it has side effects. Especially if overused. Some of the side effects:

  • Post-caffeine crash.
  • Disrupts normal sleep
  • Could be addictive.
  • Can cause nervousness and problems with focus

There could be more severe side effects: for people with high sensitivity to caffeine and in cases of excessive usage.

How to Build Energy in the Morning. Here are the tips, caffeine excluded:

  1. Light. The natural body clock is dependant on daylight. To boost the effect, turn up the lights in your room. Open the curtains on your windows if it is not still dark outside. The bright light tricks your body that it is time to get out of bed
  2. Exercise. Establish a routine to do some exercise in the morning. If you are not a sporty nature and don’t want to go for a run, you can do a lot of exercises in your room. The physical activity gets your blood running and puts you in awake state.
  3. The 10-Minute Rule. It helps to stick with a particular wake-up time. When the alarm rings, commit to staying awake for at least 10 minutes. If you get over that time, the temptation to go back to bed is usually gone.
  4. Active Work. Start-up with something that actively occupies your mind. Writing, drawing, physical activity is better than passive activities, for example reading. The earlier you focus on pro-active work, the faster you will get up to speed.
  5. Breakfast. Don’t miss your breakfast. It has negative impact on your metabolism. It also causes your blood sugar to be low. Consequently, your energy level is low. Your wake up time must be adjusted so you have time for breakfast. You might need some time to get hungry as well. Do routine stuff, make up your bed and other trivial stuff and go for a breakfast.
  6. Sleeping Schedule. The most important thing to feel fresh in the morning is getting enough sleep. Adjust your schedule and your evening activities so you can get 8 hours of sleep. To carry a sleep debt through the week and oversleep in the weekend is not a good strategy. You are too stressed and not productive half the week and you are wasting your time in the weekend.
  7. Turn Up the Volume. It helps. Listening to music at higher volume can cheer you up and get you moving.

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