7 Ways to Make Your Brain Work Better When It’s Struggling

7 Ways to Make Your Brain Work Better When It’s Struggling

It is natural that employers and managers want maximized productivity from their employees. It makes sense – to get the best results for the work hours spent. What is the role of your brain at the workplace?

There are plenty of things leaders and companies could do about that. For example, improved work process, different utilities, investing in staff’s health and wellness. Apart from that, there are little things that each and every one could also do. The tips could help you even in “one of those days”, when everything is a struggle and the work does not go smoothly. Watch the video to discover these valuable tips:


Here is an excerpt that explains some of the chemical brain processes:

Happy people are more motivated and productive. Do you know that there is some chemistry behind happiness? There are four chemicals in our brain responsible for our sense of well-being and happiness. These substances are called neurotransmitters and there are ways in which we can intentionally make them to flow.

Dopamine. Low levels of dopamine are related to procrastination, lack of enthusiasm and self-doubt. Dopamine is important for motivation, taking action and satisfaction when reaching goals. Break your goals to small tasks and celebrate a series of small victories.Reward yourself. But be carefull – a massive amount of dopamine release can lead to a ‘hangover’ with all the mentioned effects of low dopamine. Another approach is to create new goals before reaching the current ones.That would ensure a constant release of dopamine. Just don’t overdo.

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