8 Ways to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

8 Ways to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

People train different aspects of their physical abilities – strength, stamina, dexterity, e.t.c. Why not training one of the most important parts of your body? Here are some tips on how to train your brain.

Training your memory will help you with:

  • Avoid embarrassing situation, like forget people’s names.
  • Learn faster all sorts of skills.
  • Avoid diseases when you get older.

How do we do that? Let’s start with it.

#1. Work your memory. Most of the people cannot remember more than three things. When preparing to give a feedback, present or plan something, set a goal to remember a great amount of details. Let’s say 10 or more. In general, put effort to remember details and important facts. Engage that with some activity to ease the process. For example, when you meet a new person and he represents himself by name (George), don’t just say “Nice to meet you”. Say instead: “Nice to meet you George”.

#2. Do something different repeatedly. When you are doing new things over and over again, the neurons in your brain crate paths so that you can do the thing faster and better. It is a process that never stops. Age and condition may influence how well it works, but in general it is the same. Think about when you were 3 years old and try to realize how much it has taken just to learn to use fork and knife or bind your shoes. Start small but really, start and don’t give up.

#3. Learn new things. Related to the previous point, this one enforces that the more you use your brain, the better it is going to perform. Learn to play an instrument or a new language. This improves your skill to translate information from one source to another, involving speech, or other sophisticated physical activity (playing an instrument). Learn to dance, learn to use a new software.

The effect is that the brain starts to think in a different way, exploring the outside world and enabling you to express yourself in a broader scope.

#4. Follow a memory training program. Wonder where to start? There are some brain training programs you can find online. A proven program like BrainHQ offers a system of exercises where you can still develop basic brain capabilities. All in a more simple and easy to follow way than complex long term tasks like learning a new language or a musical instrument.

#5. Do body exercises. Body exercise does not just improve your body. It improves overall condition and health, including your brain as well. A brief exercise facilitates information processing and memory. The physical activity actually helps the brain create new neural connections faster. To focus more on this you can try yet another training program – Exercise Bliss.

#6. Spend time with your loved people. Having meaningful relationships in your life is important, so that you develop optimal cognitive abilities. Communicating with people, being in a loving and friendly environment helps you think clearly, improves mood and mental health. All of these are necessities to get the maximum of your memory.

#7. Avoid crossword puzzles. Many people think that crossword puzzles improve brain fitness. They have some effect, but it is just one activity and it is not enough. We may learn new words, but the process of solving this type of task stays more or less the same. Our memory is not really creating new pathways, not discovering new approaches how to accomplish things.

#8. Eat right. Eat dark chocolate. A healthy diet is important for the body, including your brain and mental performance. Foods like fish, fruits and vegetables contain nutrients especially important for the brain. If you don’t know, the dark chocolate is a great booster for your brain. The chocolate makes the brain produce dopamine – a neurotransmitter which helps you learn faster and remember better. It also contains antioxidants and other nutrients important for your overall health. All these substances are much more concentrated in a natural dark chocolate than in other derivative products.

Having read all these tips, it’s time that you actually start training your brain. It is not a content that you just reads and nothing changes. Implementing these tips will in fact change you, so that you gradually become a different and better person.

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