Business Productivity Depends on These 7 CRM Features

Business Productivity Depends on These 7 CRM Features

7 Must-Haves CRM Features For Your Business

What does it mean – to be productive? It is the measure of efficiency – is our input equal to our output? For instance, are we really working 8 hours a day? “Yes” would be an idealistic answer. It is scientifically proven that attention span has decreased drastically and our concentration now lasts less than the focus of a goldfish…

In business, we have been presented with enormous time-saving opportunities thanks to technology, if we know how to use them to our benefit. It is just a matter of right employment of software systems and productivity-boosting tools 

Today we are looking into CRM software and the top 7 features that can enhance your productivity as an Account Manager, Sales Rep, Project Manager etc.

  1. Simplicity. It is the most sought after feature users are looking for. There are hundreds of questions on Quora about a SIMPLE CRM system. Nobody asks for a CRM platform with a thousand extra (and paid) features. The reason behind this is very clear – the simpler the tool, the more effective it is. The team should be motivated to use it, otherwise if it appears too complicated, their motivation will sharply drop. Lead management is a day-to-day task that should happen smoothly. Bombastic features are only obstacles to productivity. Check out this simple solution.
  2. Remote access. There are more than 300,000 remote workers – and even more emerging, as the digital nomad trend is now really popular. A CRM system that is office-based is, hence, not a good solution. Guaranteeing a remote access is imperative to the quality client management. This is the way in which all big call centres operate. And wise companies must follow suit.
  3. Intuitive navigation. The CRM platform should be very user-friendly. Most activity should take place into the dashboard and within 1-2 clicks. This decreases the time spent on documentation and eliminated the money factor when it comes to training. 

  4. Security. Bearing in mind that client data is the heart of our business, having a trusted CRM system is of vital importance. Always check whether the platform is https and has a little lock before the website. There are lots of free CRM systems, however, some of them might be malicious and willing to exploit your client’s data.
  5. Revision log. Having an easily accessible history about each client or deal will facilitate your company in case of handover. The best option is to look for a CRM system that will display the communication thread on the sidebar; not a neglected button somewhere within the system.
  6. Filters. The CRM system should provide the big picture. That is why it is very important to find a tool with lead filters. You want to see only warm prospects – boom, done! Then you want to see which clients you wish to follow up – done. Filters save time searching and analysing and do the job for you!
  7. Free trial. We have intentionally left this to be the last “feature”, as the CRM system should entail all the before-mentioned functionalities and on top, ideally, be free (at least to start with). It is a public secret in the marketing world that a free trial can encourage more people to sign up and actually try the product. As users we want to make sure something works before we invest in it. The free trial can quickly save us time from comparing products and lengthy payment checkout procedures.

We hope we have helped you get some insights into what a good CRM system consists of. If so, feel free to sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter to get more productivity tips.