A Quick and Easy Method to Clear Your Mind in 10 Minutes

A Quick and Easy Method to Clear Your Mind in 10 Minutes

Modern people feel overwhelmed and distracted. According to a poll, they rate it about 8 on a scale from one to 10. There is a simple and very effective procedure how to clear your mind and calm down. Read on about the method.

The Clear MInd Procedure

  1. Take a blank piece of paper and write ‘What is on my mind’ at the top. Then write down everything that is on your mind.
  2. Get another piece of paper, set it landscape and draw three columns: ‘active concern’, ‘maybe later’, ‘delete’. Sort out all the items from the first paper onto the table just created.
  3. Delete all items from the delete column. While doing that, tell to yourself you are done with the items and they should go away.
  4. Take the items form the ‘maybe later’ column and put them on a new ‘maybe later’ list.
  5. Take all items from the ‘active concern’ and put them into a scheduling system. Get one if you don’t use such a system by now.

This could be very helpful to manage different aspects of your life: personal issues, social interactions, education related tasks, business related tasks. It could help you set everything on the right track and be able to manage it. One extra thought on the subject:

“Everything” Means Everything

The process could work very well. Usually it takes a few tries to get really everything out of your mind. Here are some things to remember.

  • Unfinished tasks
  • Trips you want to take
  • People you want to be in touch with
  • Skills you want to develop
  • Subjects you want to learn
  • Areas of your life you feel not ok (physically, skills, knowledge)
  • Thoughts about what you would do differently if it is possible to start over
  • Matters on which you feel stuck or trapped
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Home repair/ renovation issues
  • Worries about the economy
  • Worries about your close people
  • Habits to be established or broken
  • Anything else that might come to mind

These are issues which compete for your attention. They all should be solved, prioritised or deleted in order to clear your mind and put it on the right track.

Give it a Try

So, go ahead and start tackling it. Don’t be surprised if you find quite a lot of things off your mind.

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