Colours and Productivity: Get Inspired and Conquer the World!

Colours and Productivity: Get Inspired and Conquer the World!

Can definite colours make us more productive? Is there such thing as a correlation between our behaviour and the colours we wear or see at the office? Some colour specialists suggest that we have repository information about each colour. For instance, blue skies is stored in our memory as a positive thing. It calls associations for fun, playing outside, warmth, calmness and sunny weather. According to marketing specialists, we also turn out to make 90% of our initial product judgments based exactly on its colour.

Colours have more influence on us than we can imagine.

So which are the colours that stimulate our productivity, happiness and creativity?


Although we do not like to generalise, blue seems like the absolute winner when it comes to productivity. Research shows that it strengthens the thinking process and meanwhile has a calming effect on the mind. Having a natural tranquilizer is key to making our brain work more efficiently. Medical studies explain that blue rooms enhance student’s concentration and increase overall productivity. Healthwise, blue can a positive effect on our heart rate. Interestingly, it also decreases appetite.

Blue ideas for more productivity:

  • How about a blue office space?
  • Aquarium?
  • Blue clothes, blue folders, blue desktop?


The sun! The daffodils! Is not yellow the colour that ignites optimism and happiness? Yes, it is! However, there are lots of yellow nuances, some of which can be very wrong. For example, some shades trigger anxiety. Curious findings claim that some students tend to perform 15% better if they sit tests in a yellow room. But babies turn out to cry more in yellow rooms.

So our best piece of advice is to observe your reactions and understand which yellow tone works best for you!

Yellow happiness ideas:

  • A yellow flower for your desk?
  • A yellow notebook?
  • Draw sunshines on your wall?

The Runners Up

  • Light purples: Good office colours!
  • Light reds: Helps for attention to detail. Also increases passion! Good for people who lack energy!
  • Browns and Grays: Avoid in the afternoon. Gray is related to boredom. It is not inspiring, especially when the afternoon productivity slump steps in.