Why Are Confident People More Productive?

Why Are Confident People More Productive?

Doubts. They are these little, sneaky gatekeepers that prevent us from making the next step. Insecurity crawls in and takes over ideas, suffocating every possible development. According to Richard Petty, confidence is the power that turns thoughts into action. Confidence also goes through a cycle of questioning “Am I capable of this?”, “What will happen if…?”. Confidence is responsible for turning thoughts into considerations and considerations into actions. Naturally, when you believe in yourself, you proceed straight to your goals and shout down your inner, negative-minded, always hesitating critic.

Productivity is directly linked to your confidence level, as it increases our ability to perform, as well as our overall motivational force.

If you feel insecure that would certainly lead to inaction. Have you stopped yourself from speaking up in a meeting? Have you been shy expressing your opinion? You know the feeling of under-confidence then.

Here are some tips that will help you overcome negative assumption and ‘cannot do’ attitude:

  • Lessen stress. It is vital not to overlook the role stress plays in your life: uneasy sleep, chaotic thoughts, illness and confidence drop. Identify what bothers you at work and find ways to resolve it. Perhaps it is the daily time-wasting meeting that serves no real purpose. Always think of solutions like a simple and functional meeting minutes tool. If your company has no ‘power nap’ policy, try to negotiate and explain the benefit of good rest.
  • Remember to bring positive people in your surrounding bubble. Positive attitude brings up positivity. The happier you are, the more productive you will become.
  • Find your mantra. Sometimes we just need this magical line. The concept might seem superficial to some, however, it is worth trying. Find the sentence that inspires you and stick a note on your laptop. Although a mental note will also do the trick!
  • Take a course in the area in which you feel insecure. This is a very practical way to grow and make your confidence re-born. When the technical side of your job runs smoothly, you might polish some other sphere that will make you even a better professional!
  • Open your mind and be great! At times we create so many obstacles for ourselves to just be different and experiment with all our ideas! Life is too short to be worried about every failure or be afraid of mocking or what other people will say. Get rid of psychological barriers and try, try, try! You will establish that even if you do not accomplish your goal, you will still learn valuable things throughout the idea process.

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