How Can a CRM System Enhance Your Team’s Productivity

How Can a CRM System Enhance Your Team’s Productivity

Your clothes are in the closet, your food is most likely stored in the refrigerator and your books are leaning on the bookshelf. Supposedly, your most precious belongings are locked in a safe deposit box. But where do you keep your most valuable client-related data? Do you have an ominously thick register full of names, numbers and business meeting notes? Or are you a fan of the chaotic (but colourful) sticky notes paradise? Your business data needs to have a roof over its head. Even SMBs realise that and although they are often short of resources, they adopt modern systems like SugarCRM, Rainbow CRM, Zoho CRM and Pipedrive CRM.

Since collaboration is the key to productivity, the data managements system should encourage and support teamwork. Using spreadsheets and other tools is not exactly the functional approach. The whole client lifecycle is usually way too complex to be handled by a single individual. Therefore, the very first benefit of using a cloud-based CRM becomes apparent: it calls for teamwork between different departments, effective communication and ‘big-picture-management’. CRM eliminates the silo culture, and everyone is aware of what the others are working on. It enables your team to ‘pull together’ in the right (and the same) direction towards the end goal.

The CRM system will be your data’s Home. It provides protection, and of course, security plays a central role in data management. However, the true value of information is its analysis. We are not talking about the abundance of tools some systems like Salesforce will flood you with. We are talking about simple observation of the revision log and insight analysis. After this is done, you could allocate the ‘value’ to each client relationship and improve your attention-management to cater for the most profitable customers.

Another benefit of the CRM system is the efficiency. Due to information overload and poor time management, organisational inefficiencies appear and become serious bottlenecks. The CRM platform speeds up deal closing exactly because of its productive nature. When you get presented with the big picture in one place, it is easier to weigh up opportunities and thus the turnaround decision time decreases significantly.

Sometimes interruptions, lack of memory capacity or improper resource management can result in clients falling through the cracks. When there is no adequate systems in place which can help employees understand their accountability for customers throughout the whole relationship-building process, losing leads is inevitable.

CRM systems undoubtedly improve the overall customer experience. The segmentation becomes much more accurate and the needs – much more identifiable. Sales reps are empowered to employ a larger scale of information which leads to a more personalised approach. Your company will interact in a more meaningful, targeted and productive way with your clients. This will lead to increased and faster sales.

Another plus of the CRM systems are the enhanced sales & marketing tactics. Usually sales reps and account managers are labeled as tedious, arrogant and insolent. With the introduction of a CRM system, your team can monitor what is in the pipeline, track the whole process, review different notes and act in the right time. Your campaigns will be more targeted and customised to match your client needs.

Are you convinced now that a CRM system will radically change your business positively?

If you are willing to give it a try for free, perhaps the most easy-to-use system out there is Rainbow CRM.

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