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Free ebook: How to Get Rid of Your Productivity Shackles

Jack and Jill are two very different Managers.
They encounter complex work situations, which call for efficiency, creativity and strategic thinking.
By the end of the book you will:

  • Meet the 7 Biggest Productivity Obstacles
  • Learn Useful Tactics from Situation Analysis
  • Get Hot Tips for Each Productivity Threat
  • Understand What Productivity Means
  • Become More Aware When Taking Decisions
  • Quickly Analyze What Sucks Your Energy
  • Lay the Foundation of Better Time Management

Are you focusing on the right things?
Are your actions goal-oriented?
How not to spend time on filler tasks?

How to create and keep habits that will improve your productivity?
What is the best way to start with your new commitment strategy?

How to avoid sneaky interruptions?
What is the most effective ways to deal with distractions?

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