Food, Sleep, Exercise: Why all?

Food, Sleep, Exercise: Why all?

A busy person might neglect taking care of himself. When we are faced with a choice between hard work and properly taking care of your health, guess which one wins. It might happen from time to time, but this is not the right choice in the long term. Maintaining health should come first. If a person is not healthy, he cannot be successful and productive at anything. So, let us cover the basics

Food. If you started your day at 6 o’clock in the morning you may think of a meal as a fuel energy source. Often people opt for fast food, greasy, high on carbohydrates and calories in general. They may not consider a salad meal at all. But food is not that simple to think of as a mere source of energy. How the lunch meal affects your afternoon productivity? How the daily meals you take affect your health and productivity in the long term? A survey called “food consumption, mood and behaviours over a period of 13 days.” explored these effects. The participants eating less high-fat, less processed food high in carbs and conservants, more raw foods, fruits and vegetables were more happier, creative and engaged. What you eat affects your productivity in different ways, so you need to consider carefully your meals.

Sleep. People depraved from sleep have higher levels of stress, blood pressure and lower brain function. Seems it is inevitable: getting up early, going home late, staying on the computer till late to finish up things. It leads to a chronic sleeplessness and everyday cycles running in a brain fog. The most sane thing you must do to get out of such a circle is to establish a regular routine. It includes sticking to that routine. It is essential to have enough time after you finish work and before going to bed. The latter especially holds true for people working from home. Going to bed and having your brain still milling thoughts about work will prevent you to fall asleep. It is a waste of time to spend 1 hour spinning in bed and trying to sleep. Resist the temptation to oversleep as well.

Exercise. A workout is a great outlet to relieve stress and forget daily problems. Doing it regularly and up to your abilities is the key. There is no point to exhaust yourself to death and go to gym once in two months. So, schedule the workout/sports time according to your fitness. Good start is 30 minutes to one hour a day for light exercise, or just 3 times a week for exercises with higher intensity (sprints, weights, e.t.c.). It is hard to keep exercise within schedule. Nine times out of ten you are drained when coming home and hardly anyone can make you go to gym or a playground. So, you need a proper motivation. Consider the workout as an essential aspect of your success.

Self-maintenance is crucial for your success. It allows you to achieve more, to have greater stamina and endurance. The end result is – getting more done while being healthier and happier.