7 Bad Habits to Avoid While at Work

7 Bad Habits to Avoid While at Work

Getting along with colleagues is crucial for your job. You need to have acceptable relations with them as an absolute minimum. Having great relationships is the key to fruitful collaboration and success. Your behavior and interaction with people is very important to build good connections. Here we have a list of common habits that may drive others away:

  1. Talking Too Much.
    A healthy dialogue means having a two-way communication. No one likes to listen to someone who only talks about themselves. Show genuine interest towards people you speak with. Pay attention to what they say. A simple recipe is to listen more than you talk. Relations are often built with listening./span>
  2. Gossips and Complaints.

     If someone approaches you with “how are you doing” they are not really expecting to hear about all your problems. This is an approach to start conversation and build connections. People are attracted to people who would respond to that in a positive manner. Gossips about other people make very bad impression too. It shows you cannot keep secrets, respect others’ private lives and creates an image of you being a non-trustworthy person.

  3. Being Late Often.
    Being late on a regular basis would surely irritate all the people involved with you. It shows poor time management skills or disrespect to the people you interact with. All people who work are busy, so everyone could find an excuse to be late. You are not the only one. Do not let being late turn into a habit.
  4. Being Impatient and Unpredictable.
    It is disruptive when people don’t know what to expect from you. You cannot just burst or leave away in work environment. Your colleagues are also faced with problems and have to manage emotions. Still, the work tasks need to be done. Developing strategies to keep calm under pressure, to be patient and steady is very important.
  5. Being Mean and Sarcastic.
    Well, there are some dark-minded people you could get along with that way. But, take a note here – this is just an exception, for limited occasions. Do not expect other people to enjoy your mean jokes and attitude. Humour might be misunderstood, even if you think it is unoffending. Be very carefull. Often, people who are mean, may not realize their behaviour. Everyone could become mean and offensive when under stress. It is about control and management of emotions and negativity.
  6. You Refuse to Apologize.
    Refusing to apologize may mean you are impolite. The case actually might be that you are shy and uneasy. Anyway, not apologizing means you do not take responsibility for your mistakes. This drives people away and is disruptive for building relationships. Do not use “but” and “if” in your appologize. It does not sound like an apology, does it?
  7. Being Dishonest and Deceptive.
    These have a long-term negative consequences on a relation. Business and personal relations need to be enforced, not harmed. Things will not work otherwise. You need to build trust, make others feel safe. Mistakes could be eventually fixed and forgiven. Trying to cover up and being deceptive would do nothing but harm.

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