7 Habits for Successful Entrepreneurs

7 Habits for Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. It involves forging your own path, taking huge financial risks, gathering resources and creating something viable. Statistics prove that 80 to 90 percent of startups fail. There is something the ones who succeed do differently. Rather than focusing on generic and basic tips, we looked at concrete and unique habits these people have.

Create a Regimented Schedule

The purpose is to maximize the amount of work getting done. Proper prioritization and scheduling is essential for quick growth. An example schedule is: dinner ending at 11 p.m followed by a working session until 3:30 am. Allocating time for work in that part of the day round may seem weird, but it provides quietness for an uninterrupted creative process. Whatever fits best to your routine, be consistent and stick to it. Thus, you will keep focus and good results will come.

  • Rameet Chawla, founder of Fueled

Ask Yourself a Question Before Going to Bed

A simple question: “If I live every day the same way I did today, what kind of future would that create?”. This forces you to constant evaluation. The focus is kept at shaping your future every day.

Adventure Walk in the Weekend

Go to a place you’ve never been before. Do it each weekend. Take a notebook or a laptop and write down your thoughts. Let them flow freely and don’t force anything. That habit relieves stress. It helps obtaining and evaluating ideas. Constantly doing that and assess how ideas could fit into your business would eventually turn the ideas into reality. The extra benefit is that moving around on a daily basis is good for your health.

Hot-Cold Contrast Shower Every Morning

It is a unique personal habit consisting of 30 seconds of ice cold water, followed by 30 seconds of hot in cycles. Always ending with cold water. Doing that consistently over the years could supply you with energy and refreshment for the whole day. Everyone could start that with a normal shower, trying a cold watering for 30 seconds. One cycle is enough at the beginning. There is a research about the benefits from cold showers.

Reflect on Critical Question Through a Different Viewpoint

It is not unusual that a solution to a problem comes after a long time of pursue and development. You will have to be able to tolerate open-ended questions. Simple answers that come quickly tend to be sub-optimal. Work on a problem each day and try to view it from a different angle. It includes discussions with people from different industries, looking at extremes, best and worst case scenarios.

Focus on Three Specific Goals Weekly and Monthly

A million of things could be done to improve your business. You cannot handle them all. Trying to cover a wide range of tasks would result in not accomplishing any of them. In order to properly prioritize, keep three main goals and arrange your scheduled tasks accordingly. The weekly goals for the next week could be set on a Friday meeting. Such a meeting could serve both as a recap for the lapsed week and setting goals for the next one.

Make a Lots of Lists – First Thing in the Morning

Start doing it as soon as you get to your office. Or, do it the day before. Put all your running tasks, priorities and ideas into notes. It will force you to think through your day, week, year and longer perspective. All these notes will form a plan ready to be executed. Eventually, the plan will bring you to your goals. It will improve your clear vision without forgetting the bigger picture.

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