What do you need for a ‘Growth Mindset’

What do you need for a ‘Growth Mindset’

Carol Dweck, author of the book “Mindset” investigates what is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. She came with a distinction based on how people think about their intelligence and abilities.

The Two Mindsets.

A fixed mindset means that a person believes talent and intelligence are preset and cannot be changed. Such people see challenges only as a negative thing. They don’t accept challenges as a chance to grow. Further on, such people avoid obstacles. They are afraid of failure which may affect their self-esteem. People with fixed mind set don’t put a lot of effort, because they think that their ability for success is predefined. They have negative attitude towards the success of other people. They ignore negative feedback despite it might be really useful. This kind of people is doomed to never achieve close to their full potential. Reaching your full potential requires never ending struggle and these people deny it.

What is a growth mindset ? A person with a growth mindset believe that skills and intelligence could be improved. It requires to recon that a lot of work and persistence is needed along the way. Growth mindset people push when they hit obstacles. The problems are interpreted as a chance to learn. It always requires some extent of effort in order to obtain and master skills. A failure is a chance to grow. A success feed a will to chase higher level of achievements. Summarized, the growth mindset people understand that intelligence and skills could be developed.

Different Mindsets Attitude Example.

Put yourself in the following scenario: You have a terrible day, woke up late, no time for coffee, had a minor street crossroad accident, boss yelling at you at work because of poor results about your last work.. Getting home, quarrels with your spouse because of unsolved family matters.

Let’s say this is a really bad day. Here we have the two mindsets we talked about and how they would interpret the situation:

  • Fixed mindset people would put themselves down. They would think they are not talented for their job, disrupting further their motivation. They might get few drinks, making them even more prone to driving accidents, They would react aggressively towards their spouse and neglect the unsolved matters even more and totally being put off from solving them.
  • Growth mindset people would rethink and put more effort on their next work task. They would grab a cup of coffee in the morning. They will definitely consider to be more cautious when driving next time. They would try to find time and solve home problems, because they know they can.

Growth Mindset Benefits.

  • Perform better in any area
  • More motivated
  • More successful CEO’s
  • More satisfied in personal relationships
  • Better parents and coaches

The conclusion is: growth mindset people are more successful and productive. They realize that abilities and skills could be improved with effort and persistence.

How to Develop a Growth Mindset.

The internal dialogue everyone has with himself impacts the way we perceive the world around us. Listen carefully to it and you can spot the signs if your mindset is fixed.  Negative talk, putting more attention on failure precautions, telling yourself that it would be easier if you were smarter and so on. You can try to reset your mind and read about self improvement, the benefits of the growth mindset and so on. But unless you put these things into action you will not improve the situation. Talking back to your fixed mindset voice will definitely help, but only as an aid to your new attitude and way of acting.

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