How Do You Improve Yourself?

How Do You Improve Yourself?

Everyone comes to a point when they want to become better at something. The process does not need to be complicated. Do not think you need to completely transform yourself as a personality or completely devote yourself to what you want to improve. Actually, the best and maybe the only possible way to achieve results is to include your “improvement” attempts into the way you already do your work.

There is a very simple idea: you already have something that works for you. Get the most out of it. James Clear suggests exactly that. To back the idea, there is an example with nine hospitals in Michigan that got considerable improvements in the way they function, changing only one process.

The improvement was – a checklist. The checklist did not introduce anything revolutionary new. It is a simple piece of paper listing all of the things doctors and nurses knew they should be doing. Monitoring the common daily routines is showing that tiny steps here and there are skipped during operation.

Having the list is a no-brainer, assuring that everything needed is consistently done everyday. It creates sense of accountability and helps avoiding mistakes.

We have a typical example of something really simple, still immensely effective. The negligence towards such simple working solutions might be pointed out: “We underutilize old solutions—even if they are best practices—because they seem like something we have already considered.”

The fact that everybody knows and probably understands a fact, a methodology, whatever, does not in any way mean that the person implements and practically does something.

Next step – try to apply the concept in your own life. Which areas of your private and professional life could become more efficient? Think about the simple checklist. Go thinking beyond the checklist – think about all the simple common sense bits you should be doing. Start from the very basics. Your mental and physical condition, your health. Think about your nutrition and sleeping schedule.

An improvement is not about a life-changing, earth-breaking change. Progress and success lie behind constant effort, boring and effective techniques. Sometimes an insight is required. An insight to rediscover something simple, useful and very well-known. Go and dive! Find out what works best for you and explore the tiny bit which can improve the process.