How Jack Dorsey Runs Effectively Two Companies at the Same Time

How Jack Dorsey Runs Effectively Two Companies at the Same Time

Jack Dorsey is an American entrepreneur, known both as a Co-Founder and CEO of Twitter, and also as the Founder and CEO of Square, a mobile payments company. Both companies are doing great and Jack manages to run them effectively. What is the main productive time management trick that he applies?

He allots themes to his working days. On Mondays his focus is on management and running the companies so he has the directional meeting at Square and the OpCom meeting at Twitter. Tuesday is dedicated to products, while Wednesday’s focus is on marketing, communications and growth. Thursday Jack concentrates on developers and partnerships and Friday is devoted to the company, its culture and recruiting procedures. On Saturday Jack takes a day off and then on Sunday he works again with reflections, feedback, strategy and getting ready for the rest of the week.

Jack Dorsey follows other principles that support the theme days:

  • the time he was spending walking between Square’s and Twitter’s offices and his old apartment, he was using for thinking as well
  • he is using “do” and “don’t” lists that he follows daily
  • takes 7 hours of sleep
  • being dedicated to what he does