How to Clean up Space on Your Smartphone?

How to Clean up Space on Your Smartphone?

Almost everyone has the issue with not having enough memory on their smartphone. Here are the best ways to clean up space on your iOS or Android device.

#1 Remove old photos, videos, screenshots and duplicates

We all love our photos, but the true is that they take the main part of our phone’s memory. You can spend some time to review your photos and remove the blurry pics, old screenshots, and select that one good pic from the group of burst-shot photos. Then you can  remove any old videos and movies or trim and shorten the video files that are too long.

#2  Use computer or cloud storage for the photos and videos

You can simply back up your photos to the cloud through services like Flickr, Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive or  Google Photos (Google Photos lets you store an unlimited amount of photos for free).

#3 Get rid of unused apps

There are apps that could take up a  huge amount of your phone storage. Get rid of any apps you haven’t used recently or old games you no longer play.

#4 Switch to streaming services

You no longer need that much space for music . Nowadays there are tons of streaming music and music subscription services have all but replaced downloading music and storing it locally. You can reclaim a lot of  storage by switching to streaming music like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and SoundCloud.

#5 Don’t shoot videos in 4K

Do you really need 4K videos? Unless you have a 4K TV or 4K computer monitor to play the videos on, turning 4K video recording off will save battery life, too.

#6 Move content to a memory card

If you are Android user, you might download  ES File Manager (free) or File Manager (free) to  move some of your files on a memory card.iPhones do not have microSD card slots.