How I Stay Productive and Get Tasks Done

How I Stay Productive and Get Tasks Done

Staying productive every day is a never ending battle. There are many things one could do which are eventually worthy. A numerous distractions exist, either many different options and solutions for a problem or just non-important things stealing your attention. Here we can read some tips on how to stay focused and get tasks completed.

Go Directly to Work. This is the first battle for your day. The start of the day often determines the way the whole day is organized. Resist to check social media, non-work related emails and other matters. It could be the first step towards mastering your focus and discipline. A good start may easily ensure a good day.

Start, Don’t Put Off. Often the hardest part accomplishing a task is starting. Moreover, the more complex or important a task is, the more you could be tempted to postpone it. It is about simple laws and physics. The inertia has to be overcame. You must put more initial effort in order to get things moving.

Tools to Get Organized. Don’t be rebel for the sake of being a rebel. Tools and systems to get work done might seem limiting creativity and freedom, but they hold you on track. Actually, their purpose is to relieve you from details on how to get things organized. Be comfortable with a tool and focus on the essential part of what you need to do. Use handy tools for scheduling, communication and project organization. In case of teamwork – it is a must that the tools’ choice is co-ordinated. Exemplary tools – Omnifocus (scheduler), Basecamp (team communication).

Be Accountable to Yourself. It could be hard to stay focused and do what is really important. Keep your activities coherent with your goals and intentions. You can practice that with the team and with yourself. There might be different systems like reward and punishment, but being constrained by something like this could be rather a burden. Be aware and honest to yourself. Assess objectively the reality and work.

Clearly Define Tasks. There is a need to know what needs to be done in every moment. Avoid unclearly defined activities. The clearer what you need to do, the easier to get it done. Ask yourself “what needs to be done to move forward”? It could be send by planning in advance, consult with a colleague, do a quick rundown of tasks that could be done and prioritise. Whatever suits you, define clearly tasks and start on.

Firewall Distractions. Two basic ways to deal with it is proposed:

  • Change environment. Moving to another room, reorganise your working place. This could improve your ability to stay focused.
  • Filter the distractions. Working online is dangerous in a way, that you have access to unlimited information. The social media are common plague, but you might get tempted to spend time checking up information on various matters related to hobbies, home projects, hot deals, daily matters. There are tools which may solve part of the problem, like Focus. It blocks social media and other sites. The other and most important part of the solution is self-discipline.

Be Involved. An essential part is to actually care about what you are doing. People are overwhelmed with information and options. You need to keep your attention on what you are dealing with. Spend few minutes a day to clear your goals. What people you communicate with. What are the goals in your work. Keep your work in sync with your inner reasons. Align your daily work with your long-term vision. All of this is needed, so that everything you do is within a proper context.