How to Get More Work Done Without Working More Hours?

How to Get More Work Done Without Working More Hours?

Below is a list of a few great practices that every professional can follow in order to get more work done without working more hours.

Timing Is Everything

Knowing what time of day you are most productive is important, so you can adjust your schedule to coincide with the hours that are most productive for you rather than trying to change those natural rhythms.

Have A Plan

Creating a to-do list each evening will get you started fast the next day.

Concerning Email

Try to close your email for at least a few hours a day or at least improve your email habits and  you will see productivity results immediately with this practice.

Tell Others What You Are Doing

If you are going to work on your productivity and try to free yourself from distractions, you need to make sure that others in your organization are also aware of your plans, so they will know when not to disturb you can minimise distractions.

Get Some Help

Getting help may mean hiring a new person at your company or bringing in an intern for a while – a practice that can get you some assistance and give someone new to the industry some much needed experience at the same time.

Maintain Focus Amid Boredom

Routine tasks that should be handled quickly can stretch on and on if you are not focused on them. This can kill your overall productivity. You can try setting time limits for how long certain things should take you – this will keep you  focused on beating the clock and some kind of fun to do it.

Break Up The Day

Longer sessions of productive work, followed by short breaks of 15 minutes or so, sync with our own natural cycles. This sync helps us maintain focus throughout the workday.

Take Time To Recharge

We have nights, weekend, and vacation time for a reason: we need that time away from work to relax and recharge. Filling these hours with extra work may help us get more done in the short term, but it is a losing long-term strategy.

Similarly, you could take whatever vacation time you have available to use during the year and spend that time wisely.

Stop Making Excuses

If you work extra hours to get more done, telling yourself that once you are over the hump, it will get easier and you will go back to a normal routine, then you need to know that that return to normal never comes. Instead, your expanded work day becomes the new normal.