How To Improve Your Workspace In 5 Steps

How To Improve Your Workspace In 5 Steps

Very often the employees aren’t as productive as the business owners want. The reasons may be internal such as the employee is hungry or ate too much during lunch or he didn’t get enough sleep. That is more up to the individual employee to get over it. However, there are external reasons that decrease employees’ productivity and they are caused by the working environment. The working environment can be improved to boost employees’ productivity.

1. Set The Right Temperature

In order for the employee to feel comfortable while at work, the temperature has to be pointing at the right degrees. However, some people prefer it to be a bit more cold while others need it to be warmer. Various people, various temperature preferences.

According to a research in Men’s Health that was confirmed by a study from Cornell University, the optimal temperature that keeps the employees productive, ranges from 21° to 25° degrees Celcius or 71° to 77° degrees Fahrenheit.

2.Set The Right Lighting And Glare

According to another study, employees are more likely to feel sleepy while they work if the light they get is artificial compared to a natural light. Employees’ productivity increases if employees spent more hours working in natural light.  There are some professions that require the employees to spend the majority of their workday in artificial light. For them, it will be better to take breaks more often and if possible outdoors.

3. Reduce The Noise

Noise can be a real problem for many employees in the “collaborative” open space offices.
In another study by Cornell University it was reported that employees that are exposed to higher level of noise are getting more stressed. The noise in the office can lead to negative moods, lack of concentration, decrease of productivity and increase of health issues if the noise exposure is prolonged.
Headphones are one tool that can help to decrease the noise affection. However, music can also decrease or increase productivity.

It is good if there could be a quiet room in the office where the employees can go for some time to take a break and relax from the “collaborative” office space.

4. Provide Comfort And Safety

Workers are more productive when their chairs and desks are comfortable and safe. Office desks and chairs that allow the position and height to be changed, help to achieve that.

5. Set The Proper Colors Around Employees

Color affects person’s mood whether at work, at home or outdoors. The colors of the walls, the furniture and the floors create an office environment that affect the employee in one way or another.
What are some colors associated with:

  • Yellow is stimulating, bright and cozy.
  • Red is arousing, fiery and agressive
  • White is open, neutral and sterile

Neutral gray has no positive impact productivity.

Pastel yellow is good for conference rooms where works hold brainstorming sessions and green might be more suitable for areas where meetings with clients happen.

If painting the office space is not possible, a few extra accent colors in decorations and paintings may improve the environment. Small changes can be made in individual workspaces based on employee’s wish.