How to Manage Your Side Projects Better?

How to Manage Your Side Projects Better?

First off – do you even have time for side projects? Statistics show that 40% Americans work about 50 hours a week and that working on the weekend is now nothing spectacular.

We are living in times where having a side project is a luxury. If we magically find the time, it will pay us off. As it turns out, side projects boost work performance and help us feel happier and more creative. Below are 6 simple tips that will optimize your time management and enhance your productivity.

1.The Lean Approach
Lean calls for learning as fast as possible. Instead of being snowed under with strategic planning without any actions, lean entrepreneurs go for the trial and error approach. You take your idea and find out the unknown answers. You produce something small in order to learn from it, measure it and take your insights back to your idea. Next time you start the cycle over.

2.Roadmap, please!
We see the idea on the horizon, but how will we get there? Here comes agile thinking. The Kanban method suggests that you work task-by-task – focusing on completing each of them. The Scrum approach is more time-frame oriented. You break down tasks and allot time to each. Tiny but regular steps. Sprints has a similar vision: the period must be less than 4 weeks and you deliver just a part of the project.

3.The Frog Policy
“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain

Excellent metaphor for task management. The bigger the frog, the more difficult it is to swallow! So instead of starting with the most daunting task, which undoubtedly is overwhelming, start with the little frog-task. Otherwise, you risk to expose yourself to the initial shock & block. In other words, if writing an ebook is your project, start with an outline, not with writing the content straightaway.

Use as many automation tools as possible to save your administrative time and use it where it really can lead to results. We often end up in one of the a-haaaa-right-moments when we realize we could have used an online tool to handle something time-consuming.
For instance, you could use a free, online and simple CRM system, like Rainbow CRM to keep all valuable information in one place. Or use an app to organize your receipts and save yourself hours of digging, like ExpenseScan.

5.Schedule posts on social media
Since social media is one of the main promotional pillars, it is important to be present in there. However, it does take a lot of time to create, write and post content in all channels. Our advice is to use a content management tool, for instance DYCE. The more time you have to concentrate on your actual goals, the better.

6.No deadline – no problem
Working on side projects is not the same as working your day job. Side projects are meant to be fun, to be rewarding and not stressful. You should take your time. Logically, you will be more motivated to act on your side projects, if you feel pleasure when working on them. You can have a relaxed timeline, but nothing to really sweat over. Enjoy and make art!