How to Keep Office Productivity High During Summer

How to Keep Office Productivity High During Summer

Summer is now here. And in some places it is unbearably hot.

While we don’t necessarily relate summer to productivity drop, mainly because of the many vacations, beach visits, swimming pools and so on, summer is the time when there might be a steep decrease of productivity levels. Seeing the empty desks of colleagues who are already chilling out on a deserted beach is not particularly motivating!

There are a few tips that can help employees at work to stay productive while they keep the summer mood on at the same time.

  1. Make Sure Your Team Stays Hydrated. While it is very important to stay hydrated at all times, it is twice more important during the summer period, because the hot weather makes the body dehydrate through sweat much easier compared to the rest of the seasons. Make sure your team has access to water and cold drinks.
  1. Allow More Breaks. It is advisable to allow your team to have shorter but often breaks rather than one or two bigger breaks throughout the day. It will be better if there is a place to rest with proper air conditioning or at least a place that is in the shade and provides access to fresh breeze.
  1. Allow Your Team to Take Time off. Probably many of your employees are parents and during summer their children stay at home and wait eagerly for the family activities. Even for those that are not parents, summer is still  summer, time for relax, vacations and exciting trips. Plan ahead the summer vacations of your team to make sure you are well prepared for their absense. Allowing your employees to take proper time off during the summer, will help them to be more relaxed and refreshed when they are back.
  1. Break up the Routine. The hot weather and the longer days can make the monotonous tasks more difficult to complete. You need to break up the routine and allow higher flexibility to your employees such as switching up work schedules among your employees, holding a team event after work or allowing them to work remotely from time to time, if that is possible.

  1. Increase Airflow. Turning on the air conditioner may not be enough. You need a proper ventilation in the office and access to fresh air to make sure employees can stay fresh and productive.

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