What is Larry Page’s Recipe for a Happy Workplace?

What is Larry Page’s Recipe for a Happy Workplace?

Larry Page is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Google. He is also the CEO of the Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. In the latest years, Google has been considered a top workplace destination not just because of its top brand name, or its top salaries but also because it is deemed as one of the happiest and unique workplaces.

According to Larry Page, it is important that the employees feel like a part of a family within the company they work for. This will make them happier and more productive and these go hand in hand. Google’s work culture philosophy is: “To create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.”

Read below five tips from Larry Page for a happier and more productive workplace.

  1. Promote Personal Health and Well-Being. Google offers to its employees additional health care benefits that are rarely found in common workplaces. These include on-site doctors, free fitness center with access to trainer, free healthy gourmet meals prepared by gourmet chefs, free massages and fully paid 18 weeks maternity leave. This makes the health care available for Google’s employees convenient, easy and faster and helps them to stay healthy and productive.
  1. Permit Work Flexibility. Larry doesn’t believe in the idea that people need to work frantically to meet their own needs such as housing, security and education for their children. Instead, Google allows its employees to spend 20 percent of their work time or 1 day a week, to do what makes them happy. This could be work on another project or just relax. The choice belongs to the employee.
  1. Give Everyone a Voice. Google’s employees are encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts. The company makes sure employees’ opinions are heard by holding weekly forums and by making routinely surveys.

  1. Practice Constructive Discipline. Google’s work culture stimulates employees to support each other when possible and to take care of problems when they occur without firing people. As an example, around ten years ago, Larry wasn’t satisfied by AdWords engine and on top of the report he simply wrote “THESE ADS SUCK” and posted in Google’s kitchen. Instead of making investigation and yelling at the AdWords team, by posting it in the kitchen, he knew that somebody would take care of this.
  1. The Workplace Culture Guru. To many employees at Google, the work culture there feels like the one of a start up company with an open environment where creativity, happiness and support thrive. All that makes the employees feel they are part of something big, to feel they are part of the same family: the Google’s family. All that has been stimulated and supported by Larry Page, the workplace culture guru.

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