Let the Best People Work from Wherever They Please

Let the Best People Work from Wherever They Please

Hiring people who can work for your company from remote locations have three advantages:

  • Location is a limiting factor and removing it allows you to hire a talent that you cannot find and afford at your city.
  • It allows to create diverse teams with people from different backgrounds which may bring new information and different perspective to the work to be done.
  • It is a benefit for the employees that they can live and work from wherever they please and thus stay close to friends and family.

Nowadays, the barriers of hiring and working with remote teams is more a matter of mindset.

Many traditional leaders fear of losing control over their employees if they are not working from within the same building.

However, working with virtual teams is the future if not the present. The lack of specialists in some technical areas such as security and data science, is one reason to go for building virtual teams. Another reason is that removing location as a factor actually allows the companies to look for the best candidates. And giving them the freedom to be wherever they are is actually the key to keep them work for your company.

One thing that may be harder with building virtual teams is the hiring process. The hiring managers needs to dig deeper in order to evaluate the candidate. They should be able to assess if the candidates are independent, collaborative and passionate about their work. Past success of working remotely is a valuable addition to the candidate’s resume.  In some companies still some part of the action may need to take place at the company’s headquarter. So the candidate must be willing to travel for a while when needed.

It is very important with whom the remote candidates will work. Their future manager should have experience working with remote teams.

Building relationships between the colleagues is another key factor to make remote teams successful. Colleagues should meet face to face whenever they have the chance to do it. And they should communicate with each other on a daily basis as much as needed.

Working remote also means that remote employees should be able to effectively use collaborative tools and security protocols and have the needed IT infrastructure to do that.

There are still jobs that require physical presence at the same place. Nowadays, with all the new technologies out there, this is becoming more of an exception rather than a rule. Virtual teams allow hiring for the best candidates regardless of the place and can contribute to building a better dynamic working environment.

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