Listening to Music Increases Your Productivity

Listening to Music Increases Your Productivity

Nowadays, music is part of our everyday life. We listen it at home, at work or even out while jogging. How does it affect our senses? Does it help us to be more productive?

Below there are some tips relating melodies to productivity:

  • Music is helpful when a person has to do tasks with repetitive nature
  • It helps to increase happiness and efficiency among assembly line workers
  • Some studies say that a person’s favorite music improves his mood and thus his productivity too. Listening to familiar music is also better for concentration in contrast with new types. New songs can be beneficial in other ways but not when it comes to productivity and concentration.
  • Dissonant tone melodies hasveno impact on productivity, while in major mode does help to achieve greater productivity
  • Noisy workplaces decrease productivity and if it is not possible to decrease the noise, the only solution might be to use a pair of headphones
  • A research shows that IT professionals become more productive when they listen music
  • It increases productivity when it is listened at a moderate noise level
  • Records of “natural” sounds such as waves at a beach help to concentrate better
  • Either played from a digital device or naturally created, a soft background noise is what should be aimed for
  • Tunes with lyrics can be helpful to perform better low-immersion or physical activities – Songs with lyrics can be destructive for intensive work
  • Intelligible conversation around people distracts them because people shift their focus when there is an understandable speech nearby
  • Music with lyrics affects language-related tasks such as writing in the same ways as if a person tries to make a conversation while another person is talking over him at the same time
  • Music with lyrics does not affect in a bad way non-verbally related tasks. It is suitable for software developers.
  • Classical melodies can help to increase productivity but the dramatic twists at some songs should be skipped
  • Electronic tunes is repetitive but in a good way.There are “soundscapes” made by some producers that aim to select few melodies that build on each other
  • Video-gaming music may be good choice too. SimCity soundtrack is a popular suggestion on Reddit for a music that helps to concentrate as it offers enjoyable sound that won’t shift your focus from your main tasks.
  • Any other tunes that are soft enough to not change your focus is also a good choice
  • Some people prefer to work while enjoying the silence but for others it is a no-go

The sound environment affects person’s behaviour and thus his productivity too. People should experiment until they find the best choice for them. They should also make sure their music is played in such a way so that it doesn’t affect negatively the people around them.