Why Do Meeting Agendas Increase Productivity?

Why Do Meeting Agendas Increase Productivity?

Writing a meeting agenda and distributing it in advance is actually half the meeting completed. The agenda communicates in a clear and concise manner what needs doing and leads the whole team to the set goals. Business professionals should perceive agenda as the team’s glue – it helps team members stay together, on track, focused on the objectives.

Surprisingly, although lots has been written on the topic of running effective meetings, there is still a good number of companies which have not embraced agenda preparation.

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Below we describe why meeting agendas increase productivity:

    1. Sets the Right Tone and Expectations: Having an agenda demonstrates your desire to have a meaningful business meeting, without wasting time. Meeting participants have something to lean on and can prepare in advance. This eliminates questions like “So where should we start from?”.
    2. Comply with clear agenda items: Breaking down the agenda do specific agenda topics is key to the smooth running of the discussion. Agenda leaves out the question of what is included and what does not form part of the meeting. It also cuts off extra topics that might be distracting to the team. Zero guesswork.
    3. The written guidance: The verbal reminder can be forgotten or team members can argue over whether a given topic has been discussed or not. The written agenda keeps the team focused and provides participants with a history log of what has been covered.
    4. Excuse-killer: Agendas are not like unannounced school tests. On the contrary, sending out a meeting agenda “annuls” excuses like “I had no idea we were going to talk about this, so I am not ready to discuss it.” It is all there – aimed to lead the team through a fruitful session.
    5. Organization: Taking notes under each agenda item, even it is just a few keywords will save time and will take away any doubts as to what is to be done next. All agenda items transform into action items to be followed. No clear determination of next steps can actually be detrimental to the team’s productivity. By keeping an agenda, there is simply no room for anything else but productivity.

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