No Self-Motivation = No Success

No Self-Motivation = No Success

There are many smart people who end up in failures. Many people has a plenty of opportunities and they don’t take advantage of them. People born into privilege may turn it into failure. Why does it happen? Usually the lack of motivation is the reason behind. Here we have 10 reasons explaining why the motivation is a must for success.

What is Self-Motivation? A child usually needs a reward to do something. The motivation for action comes from outside. Otherwise, a child probably won’t do a certain thing that requires some effort. As grown people, we become self-directed beings. We foster our motivation ourselves, even at the price of sacrifice, discomfort, disapproval. Whether it is in right or wrong direction is another topic, but we definitely need motivation to reach a success.

  1. Goals are Not Set Without Self-Motivation. In order to succeed, people set goals and go after them. Goals come from within, based on personality. But they also come dictated by the circumstances. Usually non-self-motivated people set small and temporary goals. Such goals are short-term. Successful people are driven by passion and have long-term and more important goals.
  2. Plans are Not Made Without Self-Motivation. The plan is an important step towards reaching goals. If unmotivated person is able to set a long-term goal, he has troubles to develop a plan for execution. Such goals turn into dreams for “someday”. A self-motivated person reaches to a stage, where there is a very specific plan for action. It needs to be constantly reviewed, improved or modified if necessary.
  3. No Risk-Taking Without Self-Motivation. Pro-active people take risks. They are driven to take risks, because otherwise they are sitting on the same page. A non-motivated person does not have that internal drive to take some risks and the stress associated. They find excuses instead. For instance: “my family does not support me, it’s not the right time, other people failed, people around say it is not a good idea”.
  4. No Optimism Without Self-Motivation. People need to believe that the future is going to be better. This brings enthusiasm and energy into our lives. Self-motivated people are optimistic. Unmotivated people mostly hold fear and insecurity about the future. They are more prone to stay in their comfort zones. Most of the people are actually somewhere in between. And we have to accent, that it is usually a constant struggle for the self-motivated and successful people to be there – fighting with inertia, fears and troubles.
  5. Blaming Others Without Self-Motivation. Self-motivated people know they are alone responsible for success and failure. Upon failure, such a person is able to respond, identify what is wrong, adjust behavior and environment so that success is finally reached. The unmotivated person mostly blames others and circumstances and don’t look after what could/should be done about it.
  6. No Follow Through Without Self-Motivation. Once the path towards a goal is set, the motivated person starts acting and stops just talking about. He constantly makes task lists, reviews plans, and ticks off small steps towards the final goal. The unmotivated person probably foresees and sets his path, but at some point he stops pursuing the goal and starts just talking about his intention. And no action follows that.
  7. No Self-Confidence Without Self-Motivation. A self-motivated person has taken action driven by himself. When such a person reaches a success, even a small one, he develops a portion of self-confidence. This keeps him moving forward and reaching more complex goals. The unmotivated person do not start acting and therefore he cannot gain self-confidence to take challenges and carry on the way.
  8. No Passion Without Self-Motivation. The passion comes deep from within. It requires desire and love about what one pursues. Self-motivated people keep the passion sparkling and this is the reason for their strive. It helps to face and solve challenges along the way. The unmotivated person quits as soon as a trouble comes. He does not have the inner drive to push it.
  9. No Focus Without Self-Motivation. Unmotivated people get distracted easily. Even if they begin a project, they may leave it half-finished for no inevitable reason. They may often behave the same way in live – setting a goal, begin planning, start on first steps and then abandon it because of other circumstances. Self-motivated persons are more able to resist distractions.
  10. Missed Opportunities Without Self-Motivation. The inner passion which drives self-motivated people makes them speak and communicate with other people along the way. Thus, such people are able to contact strangers and unknown people who carry similar inner drive. It opens a gate of opportunities and sets self-motivated people in a productive environment. The result might be finding funding, partnership, support of any kind which further sets them on the track to succeed. A not motivated person does not seek such contacts and misses opportunities.

We can mention some keywords like ‘drive’, ‘planning’, ‘focus’ and ‘steady action’ to wrap it up. All these things are key factors to success. All of them are part of the larger concept – self-motivation.