Organization Mentality

Organization Mentality

Organization is an essential part of being productive. It does not only include having a clean desk and well-arranged folders. Being organized and looking organized is not the same thing. Of course, it is much better when everything is nice and tidy and it most probably helps a lot, but it is not sufficient to provide organization. Spend some time to analyze your working approach. Here are some tips on the topic:

  1. Being Organized Means to Know Who You Are. If you don’t know who you are, you end up being owned by your things instead of you owning them. It is not a simple question – asking yourself “who am I”. It might be a bothering or even a scary question. But you need to ask that question once in a while to clear things up.
  2. Everything should have a place. And a purpose. The advice that everything should have a place is a good one. But it is not less important that everything has a purpose. The purpose justifies you need something in the first place. Keeping things has comes at a certain cost: space, maintenance, time, management. Consider that.
  3. Being organized is not about getting more things and utilities to do that. You can strategically obtain something that would help. However, organization starts in your mind.
  4. Organization is About Priorities. If you don’t know your priorities, you cannot determine what is important and what is not. The latter results in keeping and spending resources on everything in your life. It is simply impossible to organize an infinite list of items.

  5. Get Rid of Things. It is easier to organize when you have everything you need. But, it is equally important to get rid of things you don’t need. It could be about material items, but also thoughts, plans, ideas and illusions not relevant to the reality and your current path.

Becoming an organized person requires a deep reflection and getting aligned with who you are and what you aim for. It often requires getting rid of stuff, which could be a really hard process. The things we have tend to become part of our identity. This is the reason why people are attached to different items. Be honest with yourself about who you are and what really matters in your life. Step by step, you will succeed in becoming a more organized person.