People Who Learn Faster Have These 2 Characteristics

People Who Learn Faster Have These 2 Characteristics

Almost everyone is interested in learning faster these days. If you take some time and research the topic, you would find lots of tips and advices. Instead of reading through a myriad of advice and articles, mind these two common traits among persons who learn faster.

1. Fast Learners Are Curious and Have a ‘Growth’ Mindset.

Such people believe in their ability to grow. They are aware they can change their skills and intelligence. They do not avoid challenging tasks. Just on the contrary, a fixed mindset individual avoid problems and challenges. They need more promotion and cannot take negative feedback. As a result, people with growth mindset have clear advantage when it comes to learning.

People who can learn fast are inquisitive. Their inherent curiosity leads them towards new challenges. Their brain becomes agile and faster to meet changing requirements and problems. Practising that on a regular basis makes fast learners better with time.

2. Fast Learners Have a Sharp Eye for Errors and Learn from Them. Fast learners can extract important information through logical reasoning. They can find meaning and essential information from abstract and obscure information. Fast learners find proofs and evidence; they use the information to develop new arguments. They are able to synthesize information finding connections to other knowledge they possess. The ability to independently make conclusions guarantees faster learning.

There are brain studies exhibiting the differences between growth and fixed mindset individuals. Fast learners (growth mindset) have larger error-related negativity signals. That means a bigger initial response to errors. They have more consistent error-related positivity signals. In other words, they are paying attention to errors and trying to obtain valuable information from it.

Both these characteristics of fast learners won’t help much without the value of consistent hard work. This is critical – the willingness to work. The person’s talent cannot grow without effort. So, the growth mindset predisposition won’t make your mindset  grow unless you put a conscious effort into that.

Hard-working and inquisitive people are fast learners. They believe in their ability to grow and do not fear failure. This all leads to greater feeling of self-worth and confidence which in terms keeps them committed to what they do. Such people are more creative and open to challenges.