The 80/20 Rule and Listening to Your Inner Procrastinator

The 80/20 Rule and Listening to Your Inner Procrastinator

People are often afraid or reluctant to do what really matters. We may consider the urge to procrastinate to be a sign of importance. Each time you start procrastinating think about the task you postpone.

Are you afraid of it? Is it that you just don’t want to work? What might be the reason that you procrastinate exactly on this?

The 80/20 rule says that 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your customers. It is proven to be correct in other areas as well. Isn’t it that procrastination is about replacing the top 20 percent important and valuable stuff with the 80 percent trivial and not important stuff (go check facebook, water your plants, do some household stuff)?

You have to at least think about it. Here are a few tips on using your inner procrastinator.

Flip Your Daiy To-Do List. There might be 10 things in your to-do list for the day. Probably, there is one item in the list that worths 10 times more than the rest. A natural tendency is to put that item for later and take the mundane tasks first. But, flip that. Start straight away with the important stuff (unless something really enforces to do otherwise).

Look at the Big Picture Too. Suppose you are busy with a $10 per hour work. Ask yourself what to do to increase income. Such a question brings a strong disconcert but really worths to put it on top of priorities.

Use the Time You Free Up. Busy and rich people often have household personnel, assistants and secretaries. But what would they do with the extra hours they free in the day round? The time could be wasted or put into reasonable use.

Perfectionism is the Root of all Evil. Many people put a lot of effort working out in details things which don’t need to be perfect. Apart from wasting time, it puts a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety on them. It also steals the time one can spend to be perfect in a certain area. Why trying to be perfect in many non-important things instead of concentrating on the most valuable ones?

‘Do Nothing’ on the To-Do List. You don’t really need to be constantly busy. Instead of filling up time with mundane and low-priority tasks, have fun and enjoy your time. Your best ideas will come while you are not working.

Consider what makes you procrastinate. Choose the thing that makes you most anxious and try to do something with it. Often those things are a possible way towards success.