How to be Productive Like Shane Salerno

How to be Productive Like Shane Salerno

Shane Salerno, one of the screenwriters of Armageddon, Shaft and other movies such as the newly expected versions of Avatar, is also film and television producer, author and documentary editor. He shares how he manages his various projects.

1.Embrace Multi-Projecting. Shane is productive when he works on more than one project at a time. This makes him challenged and motivated to do his best in all the projects he is involved in at the same time. His recipe for this is called passion. “You need to have deep passion for whatever you are working on. I would die of acute boredom if I only had one project, and I wouldn’t be motivated enough for that project either. There’s something I really like about feeding your brain and forcing it to expand.”, he says. 

2.Managing Your To-Do Lists. On an everyday basis, Shane uses to-do lists, especially when he was working on a documentary project Salinger. The lists helped him to keep track of interview subjects, documents, and the many moving parts of this multimedia project. He warns that the problem with the to-do lists is that sometimes they become too long and that makes them scary. In such cases he advises to step back from the lists and take a look at the direction at which things are headed. Not following a list exactly, allows some variation and spontaneity.

3.Switch on the World of Your Project. Shane works on his projects while listening to music. It helps his brain to stay stimulated and also helps him to shift from one project to another by switching the type of music he is listening to. “The music I’d listen to while working on Avatar would never be same music I’d listen to while working on Salinger. Music allows your brain to acclimate to the specific terrain you’re working in.”, Shane says. Choosing the proper kind of music can help the brain to stay focused and productive while working on a certain project.