12 Successful People Share Their Best Productivity Hacks

12 Successful People Share Their Best Productivity Hacks

The secret to more efficient work is not in the amount of time but working smarter. Twelve successful people share how do they do that.

1. Visualize. Try to envision yourself at your job, working at the highest standards. Visualize your success, clear the noise and don’t worry about the others are doing. Strive for doing your very best and nothing less.

2. Simplify. Break down your complex goals into daily activities. Divide and conquer. Then you can focus 100 percent on those smaller activities and accomplish them.

3. Unplug. It is essential to limit digital distractions during the workday. For example, limit checking the mailbox to 3 times a day. If not obeying to some restriction you will be constantly interrupted by various stuff.

4. Enough Sleep. Number one productivity tip might be – getting 7 hours of quality sleep each night. Turn TV and all distractions off and get some sleep. Being deprived from sleeping is seriously undermining your productivity. Sleeping well will keep you physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

5. Distance Yourself. Close all doors at certain times. You really need to get detached from all the noise in order to obtain best concentration. That allows you to dive into more complex problems. Every interruption requires recovery time so you can’t get really deep into a subject if being constantly distracted by other people.

6. Plan, Organize, Do.

  • Plan: Each day could be planned the night before, then tasks scheduled into your calendar. Prioritize most important tasks and be realistic about your to-do list.
  • Organize: Keep up to inbox zero rule. Don’t let side matters steal your time, f.ex. Organizing and sorting out emails and other side tasks. Your focus is on your main goals.
  • Do: Finally, you have to execute your to-do list.

7. Check-In Times. As mentioned before (3 times a day email check), schedule blocks of time for certain activities. Keep up to that and don’t let things distract you from your main activities.

8. Calendars. Transfer to-do lists to schedule app, for example outlook calendar. Keep a block of time for your family and try to never steal time from the family’s time.

9. Hangouts. Person to person meeting is more worthy than thousand emails. Instead of being extremely cautious on how you phrase something in an email, meet the person, have a face to face conversation, build a relation.

10. Meditation. Twenty minutes of meditation a day really makes a difference. Even 10-15 minutes matter. Meditation relieves stress, helps to be focused on the most important tasks at the moment.

11. Podcasts. A content-rich podcast could expand your thinking in surprising ways. Always look for means to learn new, inspiring and interesting things.

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