Three-Phase Plan to Get Promotion at Work

Three-Phase Plan to Get Promotion at Work

Some myths about promotion at work:

  1. Time: You are not paid for your time. Yes, it is a paradox, as you are paid by the hour. But logically you are getting paid for the results you achieve, not the time you spend.
  2. Value: Often this cannot be measured. But your contribution must be sensed in some way.
  3. Work ethic: Nobody likes an isolated super star. Being the best at your job is no longer a top priority when hiring people. Being a team player, though, is. Invest time for simple chit-chat with colleagues, as some brief politeness can actually help you out in difficult times. Yes, think of it as an investment!
  4. No breaks: This is a great myth. Often but small breaks are actually making you more productive. Refresh your mind and conceive ideas by letting your brain recover.
  5. Competition is everything. Often that is just overrated. If you are competing with somebody else, your battle is already lost. Try to outperform yourself. Thus you will surely outperform others as well. Be your own guiding light. If you wish to become better and get promoted, look at ways to enhance your own abilities.
  6. “Bootlicking”: Nope! Strictly forbidden! You need to understand that in order for you to get promoted, you just need to do your job better (of course, that is, if you are in the right company!). You do not need to be overly kind to somebody only to get appreciated. After all, if you are doing your best and you do not feel praised, maybe the fault is not yours!

How to climb up from hourly waged job to salaried job. Following these three phases will help anyone looking for a better role at their current working place.

Phase 1: Prove You Are Responsible. Come to work earlier, deliver on time and turn into your boss’s most reliable employee.

Phase 2: Become a Silent Influencer.Be quick to perform and slow to take credit. Raise yourself by bringing everyone else with you.

Phase 3: Become Invaluable. This is the point where you grow beyond your current role and this means you are ready for promotion.