What Are The Secrets of Super Busy Entrepreneurs?

What Are The Secrets of Super Busy Entrepreneurs?

Personal productivity could be clearly pointed out as the key difference between people who succeed in a given field and people who do not. We can certainly learn from the former’s tactics and routines. Here we have top 12 tips.

  1. Single Purpose Focus. Select one important task and do it in the best way. Everything you do should be focused. Proper prioritisation and focus is the way to success.
  2. Block Out Distractions. It is essential to become a master of concentration. If it is “impossible”, use software tools like Rescue Team and Focus. The main purpose is that you are less distracted and to be able to focus effectively.
  3. Time Limit on Meetings. Meetings must have a point. All operational meetings must have a clear agenda. Allocate time for external communication and do that by appointment only. A good practice is to set less than the time required for an appointment. That way you enforce the participants to be more brief and clear about the topic.

  4. Productivity Rituals. Productivity rituals and habits are a good thing. Save your energy and prioritise a key task for the day. It will help you to finish at least one critical task a day.
  5. Get Up Earlier. The morning can break or make the day. Many successful leaders start their day before 6 a.m. They use the morning to properly set and conquer the day. You can gradually do that – setting the get up time 15 minutes earlier until reaching the desired time.
  6. Group Interruptions. A busy person can group all distraction, requests, meetings, side matters and allocate them in a certain time block. Thus, having more time to focus and concentrate on the current tasks.
  7. Outsource Chores. Productive people are very careful about how they spend energy. A good strategy is not to waste time on things others can do. Successful entrepreneurs have many assistants. You can also use software tools to aid boring home tasks like grocery shopping. A cost/benefit analysis is required to implement that.
  8. Set Rules for Emails. Checking emails could be devastating for your schedule. Set policies for different groups of mails. Analyze your email habits and decide on time-saving policies.
  9. Capture Creative Ideas. A good idea rarely comes by itself. Normally, there must be a lot of ideas so that you can pick the best. Capturing ideas might be hard for busy people. Evernote is an example of free program for notes and ideas.
  10. Use Technology. Use tools to store information and ease your work process. Examples are cloud storage, project management tools, social media posting tools and more.
  11. Keep Interesting Stuff to Read Later. Busy people are often in a rush. Don’t let that cause missing out important stuff you can read and discover. Again, there are tools like Pocket – a tool to save readings, Instapaper – saves long webpages to read later.
  12. Learn from Others. Subscribe to series, feeds, podcasts to learn from successful and productive people. Get inspiration from people you admire.

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