ShareX: Make Screenshot or Screencast and Upload it to Multiple Destinations

ShareX: Make Screenshot or Screencast and Upload it to Multiple Destinations

Do you need a tool that allows you to make a screenshot or record your screen and immediately upload it online and share with your peers? ShareX is a free Windows desktop application that easily allows you to do that. If you like it, you can donate some money to stimulate its support.

With ShareX you can:

Capture various screens: you can take a screenshot of your entire screen or the currently selected window or a shape of your choice.

Record a video: you can make screencast with audio and it allows you to select the region of your screen that you want to be recorded. The videos can be saved as video files or as animated gif.

Many upload and save methods: you can save the screenshots or screencasts directly to your hard drive and you can upload them online. The upload destinations can be predefined.

Many upload destinations: you can upload the screenshots to Imgur, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter and more. You can also upload screenshots and videos to Google Drive, Amazon, OneDrive, Dropbox and many other popular file hosting solutions. You can even upload to your own FTP.

Screenshot editor: you can edit the screenshots you took via the ShareX editor. You can set it to appear immediately after image has been captured so that you can add text, draw rectangles, arrows and other visual elements.

URL shorteners: Sharex provides various url shorteners such as, and others.

It is amazing that such a great tool like ShareX is out there for free. Give it a try if you need a lightweight screenshot and screencast sharing application.