The Power of Humour and Praise at the Workplace

The Power of Humour and Praise at the Workplace

We are not going to throw at you just random uplifting prompting lines like “Be always positive and fun!”or “Recognition is the greatest motivator!”. What you are about to read is an article backed up with piles of research on productivity.

Humour at work? Cubicle inhabitants – don’t despair! This is a real possibility that applies to all types of professions and industries. You have surely had this school teacher who used to bore you to death and you just could not stop yawning for an hour. You also had this teacher who was an unrealised clown – that was certainly the “shorter” hour. And what about work? There are ominous words everywhere – like DEADline, reports, and Excel as well. The corporate world is meant to be serious.

However, Psychology Today suggests that humour at work makes people more productive. HBR’s research demonstrates that humourous people are paid more, while American Physiological Society grants that jokes reduce the stress levels. The Journal of Aging Research has found out that employees who use humour at their workplace are happier.

Yet only 1 out of the 7 dwarves is called Happy! 🙂 (The Grimm Brothers research!)

Humour is this additional, sticky layer that makes everything more memorable. What happens with the hundreds of emails you get daily? They are dry and do not stand out. “Just + 1 Kind Regards, Ben”. Humour is an international language that connects people. It increases focus and boosts brain power. It is what can win you clients, friends and a more enjoyable working experience.

Now onto praise! Half of the readers go “What? Do they mean a raise?”

No, it is praise – non-monetary, highly underestimated and undeservedly overlooked. Being obsessed with our way too serious work at times we forget some humane principles. “Recognition is a short-term need that has to be satisfied on an ongoing basis”

Latest Gallup analysis (10,000 businesses across 30 industries) has established that employees who receive praises often have:

  • Increased engagement among their coworkers
  • The intention to stay longer with their organisation
  • Increased their personal productivity
  • Been praised by the customers
  • Have better safety records and fewer work accidents

It also turns out that praise causes a chemical reaction. Recognition for well-completed work releases dopamine in the brain, which leads to increased levels of pride, pleasure and productivity! The need for dopamine is biologically preordained and so praise is the most natural source of it.

So unlike any other pill we are unwilling to take, “Praise” is to be swallowed daily. Or it’s syrup-form of intake – “Recognition”.

Team Daily Praise is a Slack app that empowers you to be your company’s doctor 🙂  It is free, powerful and it is the key to increased productivity levels. Apart from bringing a very positive emotion, Team Daily Praise comes with a bit of a competitive moment (a healthy dose of course!). At the end of the work day, you could see who has collected the most praises. And although one person can only commend another once daily, this gesture could unlock their long-awaited productivity and motivation.

View the full list of commands here.