The Top 10 Things I Learned About Productivity Living in Seclusion For 10 days

The Top 10 Things I Learned About Productivity Living in Seclusion For 10 days

The purpose of the experiment is to explore how social interactions impact productivity. It is a hard one, not everyone could carry that on. There would be moments of feeling terrible, but there would also be moments of insights you could get to and appreciate only in your solitude. Read on the top 10 things learned about productivity after the experiment.

  1. Wait a Bit Before Sending Important Messages.

The restriction to use digital communications would make you think more about what messages you send. Everyone has experienced moments, where a certain email should not have been send the way it is. Unfortunately that cannot be turned back. Having more time to collect and shape your thoughts makes the things you say to the world more valuable and complete. Before you go for any important action, leave some thinking time for the decision to settle and grow better.

  1.   Don’t Eat Mandarin Oranges.

Living in the same room for 10 days has some specificity. Mandarin oranges could cause gas in some people, so mind that.

  1.   It Is Easier to ‘Let Yourself Go’ When There Aren’t People Around.

Living alone could cause you to neglect your appearance and nutrition. You don’t really care to impress people and also start care less about yourself. People around you motivate you to do different things. It is not only about weather you are going to have an old t-shirt at home, but taking care of yourself, doing things for others, achieving results in a certain field. When surrounded by more people, the validation for what you do motivates you to become a better person in whatever you do. Your social environment, and the type of people around you  matter of course.

  1.   Meditation.

Being alone will provide you plenty of space and time to do that. 30 minutes or one hour shouldn’t be problematic. It is not easy to start meditating if you never practiced that, but it is definitely worth it. Meditation helps to keep your mind calm. A Buddhist saying: “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour”.

  1.   Digital Connections Are Different from Real Connections.

Separating yourself from all your social contacts will give you time to reflect upon them. You will see the difference between interaction with people you see often and people you communicate with digitally. Real connections are deeper and more valuable because you invest more time and energy into them. This is not exactly a bad thing about the digital interactions. On the contrary! For example, having digital connections in your business or when working remotely. Such kind of relations will clear up a lot of mind space, so you can concentrate on the most beloved persons and friends in your private life.

  1.   The Most Boring Things Are the Things That Actually Work.

Every cliche contains some truth. Eat well, sleep well, drink water and so on, going to more detailed tips on productivity. The problem is that being well-known and repeated mechanically, these facts lose meaning. Also, all such advice and tips are not one shot success. You must be regularly doing these things in order to achieve the best results. Set going to bed and wake up hours, sleep enough, eat vitamins and drink plenty of water. These things really work.

  1.  Alone You Have High Highs, But Lower Lows.

One could really enjoy the time alone. Maybe not every type of person, but most of the people could do that for a certain time. One could be productive, have bright ideas, insights and so on. But when you are down, feeling sick, have problems with sleeping, health, feeling abandoned or any other kind of problems – then you appreciate the social support from the people around you. Many people think they don’t need anyone when they are on the top of the world. But this is temporary. People and relations give colour and meaning to pretty much everything.

  1.  Sunlight is Essential.

The sun is life. It elevates your mood, regulates sleep, replenishes your energy. Missing to get enough sunlight exposure causes degrade of your sleeping quality. You are less able to handle stress.

  1.   Stepping Back from Your Daily Life Gives Bigger Perspective.

Everyone is deep into his own life and daily routine. We cannot see the broader picture until we step back from it. The experiment puts you in a certain shell environment where you are deep into that reality. But, trying different from your regular life, that opens a whole new perspective to look at your life. Stepping back from the things in your life allows you to see them aside and gives them both meaning and purpose.

  1. People Matter.

It would be rather unlikely that you are more productive by the end of such an experiment. Not getting outside in the sunlight, not getting social contacts is a punishment. People matter more than you think. Don’t take people for granted and enjoy the valuable things in your life.