Use Your Happy Days!

Use Your Happy Days!

Waking up happy and refreshed – these are the days we all love, right? Everything goes well, you tick off tasks according to schedule, the communication with colleagues and everyone goes easy and fulfilling, your boss is in a good mood. Seems you have a perfect day! But wait! Why don’t you use such a day to accomplish things you would not manage easily other days?

A happy day is not just a day when your time goes fast and you are on the hype. These could be the most productive of your days. Try these tips and take advantage of those days.

1. Do the Hard Tasks.

There are probably a task or two you put off and don’t really want to deal with. Or maybe you accomplished it but it is far from well done. The happy days boost your productivity and confidence. You have positive energy to roll a heavy rock. You are probably able to do tasks in half the time you normally do. Anyway, the advice here is not an invitation to procrastinate. Do not just wait for a blessed day to do unpleasant tasks you put off day after day. But, provided you have one of those outstanding sunny days, start on with the hardest tasks and push them towards the finish line.

You would be grateful to yourself later on.

2. Get Along with Colleagues You Do Not Usually Talk To.

It is common that you communicate with some people easier than with others. It might be due to different characters or due to the extra effort needed to approach some people. During your happy and energy-full days you would be more confident, positive and communicative. Don’t miss the chance and spread the good vibes around. You will be able to fascinate that dull boring colleague who might be passive aggressive and your relations are not going very well. You might steal some time and have a lunch with your manager or some very busy colleague you can’t really talk to otherwise. You can be your best self and influence a new colleague so that their start in the company is great and you set a great relationship from the very beginning.

3. Take Risks.

You are full of energy. This is an opportunity to try something new and take your chances. Propose a crazy idea to your boss.

It might be something a bit off your competence – all that is needed is to be really passionate about it. Do a public presentation, make a cold contact – the good vibes are with you! Do things that would otherwise scare you. In a happy day you will have the power to do that. Being happy makes you proactive. You can win something you otherwise would not dear reaching to. And you can manage failure much better.