How Are Productivity and Weather Linked?

How Are Productivity and Weather Linked?

There are many factors that affect productivity and weather condition is one of them.

As employers ideally want their employees to produce as much as possible in as less as possible time, let’s see how the different weather conditions affect productivity and what could be done to increase it.

Rainy Days: Such days are usually gloomy and affect people’s mood in a negative way. Offering employees some free pizza or afternoon pastries along with the coffee may increase their motivation. However, some employees tend to work harder on rainy days. Since they can’t go out, they prefer to stay dry in the office and thus, they take shorter breaks too.

Sunny Days: Sunny days usually affect people’s mood in a very good way and this results in some people being more productive. Hot weather may have negative impact too. If it is too hot, people will feel uncomfortable when they get sweaty, they will feel thirsty more often and it will be harder to focus on their assignments. Others may be distracted by thoughts in their head about where to go after work or during the weekend since good weather tends to provoke more thoughts in this aspect compared to rainy or winter days. The temperature at the office should be kept at an optimal point and open space offices tend to produce bigger disagreement in such cases. In hot days employers can show they value their employees by offering ice cream breaks or after work barbecues to keep employees’ motivation up.

Cold Days: These days are proven to affect people getting sick or making them work from home if the conditions are too harsh, for example too much snow on the roads. Such days have shorter times of daylight and it brings negative impact too. During cold days, employers should allow flexible work hours and breaks so that employees can fit better to decreased amount of sunlight.